Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eviction notice!

Jack has been given his one week pay or vacate notice. I have been renting my body to him for free for 41 weeks now. Unless he can convince me to take a bribe, he is coming out on the 21st via induction. It pains me to think if it; EFM, Hep lock, laboring in a bed, on my back. No bath. No shower. Please babe, put down the book and head for the nearest exit, I swear this building should be CONDEMNED! It's old and rickety and I don't care what the midwife says, I need you to get out so I can board it up for good.


  1. your brave.. 41 weeks.omg.. that is no bueno.. i would have cut myself open..haha..jk but, really whooa...

  2. Come on little baby, come out and see the world! Congrats on making it to 41 weeks. Seriously! Women are warriors!