Friday, May 29, 2009

Word of the week

Verb; to grind with the teeth, and with a crackling sound; to craunch.

The opportunity to use this word shouldn't be hard to find. The other night I was completely unable to sleep due my husband's scranching habit during sleep.

Thankfully I am not a scrancher.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to Oona and Aidan

With all my ramblings about the new baby, I think I may have failed to show my love and passion for my oldest two sprouts, Aidan and Oona Lea. In an attempt to rectify this, I am going through our photo and video folders to dig out some gems to show off. But for now I have some recent stuff. Here they are showing me their new secret hand shake :

(Oona is the drama queen, she has to fall down every time she is in a video)

Monday was sunny and hot so I made fruit-tea smoothies:
4 bags of Moroccan Mint and two bags of Red Rose.
Steep in 8 ounces hot water, add honey, stir.
Add heaps of frozen fruit and a little ice if desired and hit puree.

I got the big thumbs up

New feature; Word of the week

So I came across an interesting word today and wanted to share. And then it occurred to me that there are many words that I find worth spreading. So I thought I'd meld my fascination for etymology with my obsession with blogging and see if anyone finds it worthy of their attention. So, enjoy!

Word of the week: Anorgasmies
–noun; inability to experience sexual orgasm.

Fascinating, isn't it? Now try using it in a sentence..."Well hello Mr. X, I hear your wife has come down with a case of Anorgasmies, too bad, really. Have you tried turning off the television? I hear that works wonders!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Food not lawns!

What sound does a lawn mower make early on a Wednesday afternoon? It screams the sound of a snotty guilt trip. It must be nice to be retired and have nothing better to do than to keep up your lawn with such determination you may as well insure it. I do not pass judgment on those who tend to their yard, nor do I have any disdain for the art of landscaping. I do however get rather annoyed at those who use gallons and gallons of water and chemicals to keep up an endless expanse of grass only to cut it every three days. Fertilize, water, cut...repeat, repeat, repeat. I do not choose to do this. Yes, my lawn is terribly overgrown and we plan to do away with most of the grass altogether and make another attempt at raised boxes for a garden, lay gravel and put up a gazebo, but babies are demanding bosses and they do not suffer from overgrown weeds, therefore I am tabling the yard for now. This does not please my neighbors, most of whom are retired and no longer have sex, so instead they make love to their lawns and expect the whole world to have the same priorities.

As long as I have unsustainable life in my yard I am ceasing all care. I refuse to make any attempts at bringing the kiwi plant back, and there isn't a chance in hell you'll see me fertilizing anything. If a plant cannot thrive in this natural environment without my assistance and does not provide some sort of service such as food, shade or nectar, it will be replaced with a regionally sustainable plant life. Most of our neighbors do not see the value in this philosophy. One neighbor however, is on the same page and his car sports a clever bumper sticker that reads, FOOD NOT LAWNS. Oh, if only we had a goat.

Monday, May 18, 2009

one month old!

Poor little Jack has very sensitive skin, every time he nurses, his little baby zits get puffy and red. I have tried to figure if it's something in my diet. I can't think of any thing on a daily basis that would cause it. As is apparent in the collage, he has a hard time figuring how he really feels lately. Very moody, this fellow. I'm taking him into the baby "clinic" at the birth center tomorrow. They will weigh him and I'll talk to the LC about my diet.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

A perfect mothers' day

Jack is 3 weeks old and he is so awesome! He has the most adorable baby acne...even in his ears. And he does this smiley thing when he wakes up and it melts my heart.

My Mothers' Day started with breakfast in bed. Nick had to work this morning but he made it happen with the help of the deluxe breakfast from McDonalds. We went to the park to meet my mom and had brie and crackers while Aidan and Oona played in the sand. The weather held out just long enough for us to make it Nick's parents house for the BBQ. Didn't have to cook a damn thing today.

Nothing ends the day like a bottle of Pinot Noir, from Nick; a bag of dark chocolate, from Oona; and beautiful tie dyed flowers, from Aidan.