Friday, May 22, 2009

Ode to Oona and Aidan

With all my ramblings about the new baby, I think I may have failed to show my love and passion for my oldest two sprouts, Aidan and Oona Lea. In an attempt to rectify this, I am going through our photo and video folders to dig out some gems to show off. But for now I have some recent stuff. Here they are showing me their new secret hand shake :

(Oona is the drama queen, she has to fall down every time she is in a video)

Monday was sunny and hot so I made fruit-tea smoothies:
4 bags of Moroccan Mint and two bags of Red Rose.
Steep in 8 ounces hot water, add honey, stir.
Add heaps of frozen fruit and a little ice if desired and hit puree.

I got the big thumbs up


  1. You kids make my ovaries twitch again :-) I am so ready for another baby... I know... I am crazy :-)

  2. Mrs. Notouching, your little one makes me want another little girl! If anything just so I can dress her in a pair of pink booty boots like Leila's!